4×4 High mobility heavy duty chassis

T 815-7APR59 19 240 4×4.1R

  • Independent suspension
  • 11,060 kg payload
  • 4×4 drive
  • 240 kW
Engine TATRA T3C-928-A0, EURO 3, 240 kW, 1,500 Nm/1,000 RPM
Transmission TATRA 14 TS 210L, semiautomatic split, 14-speed
Cab without standard TATRA cab
Wheelbase 3,710 mm
Gross vehicle weight (max.) 19,000 kg
Payload (max.) 11,060 kg
Top speed 110 km/h
Superstructure Chassis is built as a platform for various kinds of special vehicles that need: – superior drive-ability in difficult terrain
– heavy armoured protection on top of the chassis
– reliable chassis with low life-cycle costs

Truck dimensions

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