4×4 High mobility heavy duty fuel filler 5,300 liters

T 815-780R59 19 270 4×4.1R

  • Independent suspension
  • 4,500 kg payload
  • 4×4 drive
  • 270 kW
Engine TATRA T3C-928-81, EURO 3, 270 kW, 1,850 Nm/1,000 RPM
Transmission TATRA 14 TS 210L, semiautomatic split, 14-speed
Cab 1+3 seats, C-130 transportability, add-on armoring
Wheelbase 4,090 mm
Gross vehicle weight (max.) 19,000 kg
Payload (max.) 4,500 kg (5,300 l of fuel)
Top speed 110 km/h
Superstructure The vehicle can be used for refueling of vehicles, special military vehicles and other machines and equipment by diesel or gasoline. Aluminium alloy tank body, special design with one crossing baffle. One chamber, geometrical volume 6,060 l, pump output 40 – 500 l/min. Four hose reels hydraulically powered.

Truck dimensions

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