BMP-1 Recovery Vehicle

The recovery vehicle is an amphibious tracked armoured unit mounted on the modified chassis of the BMP carrier. It features high manoeuvrability and good travelling qualities in heavy terrain.

After mounting a blade used as a support, it is used for the recovery of pieces of armoured and mechanised units up to a weight of 15,000 kg with follow-up towing to the repair site. It can also clear vehicle-blocked roads. The crew of three is capable of providing basic and simple repairs in the field with the use of the vehicle’s multifunctional equipment. For protection, the vehicle is equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun.


Basic technical data

Weight 14,300 kg
Engine type UTD-20, 6 cylinders in „V“ system
Main dimensions 7,130 x 2,949 x 2,350 mm (length x width x height)
Winch (towing force) 125 kN (in direct pulling)
Ploughshare (max. anchoring force) up to 345 kN (depends on the soil density)
Crane (max. loading capacity) 6 500 kg
Main armament 7.62 mm, machine gun, PKT (caliber, type, name)
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