Upgrading BMP -1 with Turret DVK-30


The Turret DVK-30. Is designed for up – grading tracked and wheeled combat vehicles of ICV, ICUFV, APC type (BMP–1, BTR–70, BTR–80, O T–64 etc…)

It is equipped with devices which correspond to contemporaneous combat requirements for troops and crew protection, for reliable and accurate gun layingin any weather condition within temperature range for -30° C up +50° C, day and night, while the vehicle is moving, with s possibility to fire from guns which are mounted into a turret within limits of traverse of 360° and elevation from -4° to + 58°.

Technical Description

The turret DVK-30 is modular, one-man turret consist of a weldment with external mounted weapons, The turret combat compartment accommodates complete electric equipment for laying and control functions of weapons, ammo magazines and a gunner´s seat. Weapons and turret laying is done by means of drive units with a manual duplicity. For its high effectiveness, good ballistic protection, modular concept and low weight, Turret COMBAT represents optimum choice for armed forces worldwide.

The Armament and the Turret Control System

The armament includes the automatic gun 30 mm CZ30 or 2A42 with PKT machine – gun (7.62 mm) mounted coaxial ly. The fire is controlled trough the gunner´s control panel. It is possible to integrate the ATGM or AAGM, depending on customer ´s demands. In order to aim the weapons, there is the modernized periscopic sight BPK- 2-42 with a swing of the mirror from -6° up to 60°. The sight system is equipped with a night vision device.

The Turret Control System Enables the Crew:

  • To check up functions of individual system.
  • To aim for target and make observations day and night.
  • To control drive units of both traverse and elevation.
  • To stabilize the laying in elevation and traverse.
  • To control guns.
  • To control elevation /traverse drives and guns in emergency manual mode.


  • The armour plating provides a protection against bullets up to 14.5 mm caliber within frontal arc and against bullets up to 7.62 mm caliber fires from any direction.
  • NBC protection is provided by means of turret fiber glass linings, internal overpressure and filtro-ventilation unit.
  • The smoke protection is ensured by six smoke grenade launchers (of the 902 system) positioned in a frontal part of the turret.

Technical – Tactical data

Crew 1 (gunner)
Elevation automatic/hand mode – 4 up to 50° / – 4 up to + 58°
Azimuth 360°
Main gun 30 mm CZ30 or 2A42
Rate of fire 550/min at hand mode, 250 min and automatic
Coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm PKT
Ammunition stock 100 + 200 (dual feeding) 30 mm rounds 1,650 pcw. 7.62mm rounds.
Sight modernized BPK -2 -42, day/night
Smoke grenade system 6 x 81 mm (system 902)
Empty turret weight 1,050 kg
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