BMP -1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The BMP-1 armoured personnel carrier is amphibious waterproof tracked vehicle featuring good armour protection and manoeuvring abilities. The BMP-1 is equipped with a heavy 73 mm gun and a coupled 7.62 mm machine gun. The BMP-1 is designed to transport a motorized combat infantry unit of 8 members. The armoured personnel carrier is equipped with a manually loaded launching device.


Basic technical data

Weight 13,250 kg
Engine type UTD-20, 6 cylinders in „V“ system
Engine output 220 kW
Main dimension 6,735 x 2,949 x 2,070 mm (length x width x height)
Max. firing speed 65 km/h
Seaworthiness maximal speed 6 km/h
73 mm gun 2A28
Coupled 7.62 mm PKT (machine gun – type)
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