152 mm towed howitzer D-20 is located on the uniaxial two-wheel chassis, with a footprint of a double-arm mount. The modernized version is equipped with a feeder hub, which allows to increase the rate of fire of 7-8 rounds / min and reduced operator workload.

Howitzer to be measured 58 ° and elevation ranges from -5 ° to +45 °. Range using conventional cluster-explosive ammunition is 17 400 m, using ammunition with additional rocket engine 24 000 m range with laser-guided munitions in the final phase of flight is 12 000 has a range of armored vehicles with guided munitions in the final phase of flight 5000 m.

Basic technical data

Weight: 5.7 t
Operation 6
Dimension length in transport position 8690 mm
Dimension length width in transport position 2400 mm
Dimension length height in transport position 1925 mm
Caliber mainly 152 mm
Firing diameter 60 pcs
The minimum range 4200 m
The maximum range 17,400 m / 24,000 m / 12,000 m / 5,000 m
Rate of fire 5-6 rounds/min
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