Armoured Infantry Carrier MGC-14.5

Application of the turret. The MGC-14.5 turret is meant to replace the original BMP-1 turret when converting the infantry fighting vehicle to the armoured personnel carrier. It is virtually a modified BMP-1 turret which may be fitted to the vehicle in lieu of the original turret. The modification includes replacement of the 73 mm cannon with a 14.5 mm machine gun. The cannon, ammunition conveyor, automatic loading mechanism and ATGM launching and guiding system have been removed from the turret. As the other components including controls have been retained, the logistic support and the training of gunners are virtually identical to those of the BMP-1.

Brief technical description of the turret. The armament comprises an 14.5 mm machine gun and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. The 14.5 mm machine gun is mounted on a cradle and the 7.62 mm machine gun is linked to it. The14.5 mm machine gun ammunition magazine is also mounted on the cradle.

The turret is equipped with the 1 PN 22 M4 sight. It is a passive combined periscope sight (for day and night observation). The elevation and traverse may be operated electrically or manually. For electric operation there is a control panel situated in front of the gunner. Manual control is performed by means of control hand wheels within the gunner’s reach. The turret traverse may be locked during transport. The locking device is found left of the gunner’s seat. The machine guns may be fired by means of the control panel or the traverse/elevation mechanism control hand wheels.

The cone-shaped turret is made of welded armour steel. The roof includes a multiangular superstructure including a gunner’s hatch. There are four TNPO-170 periscopes round the hatch allowing the crew to observe the vehicle’s neighbourhood. On the inside of the roof there is a fan for fire aftergases.

The turret is seated on a ball bearing and carries a basket. The gunner’s seat, collector of used shells and ammunition belts, 7.62 mm machine gun ammunition magazine, and two ready-to-use ammunition magazines for the 14.5. mm machine gun are seated on the bottom of the basket.

The power system is a single-wire 24V DC with a ground negative pole. The turret includes the control box and fuse box and terminal switches for limiting elevation and depression of the armament. The turret is furnished with an Intercom box and a helmet connector.

14.5 mm machine gun KPVT. The 14.5 mm machine gun is designed to engage lightly armoured ground targets (armoured personnel carriers) with the centre of fire up to 1 500 m and group targets up to 2 000 m. The machine gun uses back blow power with the short recoil of the barrel.

7.62 mm machine gun PKT. The PKT 7.62 mm machine gun is designed to engage ground group live targets and non-armoured targets up to 1 000 m. The machine gun uses the pressure of the fire aftergases on a piston to reload.

Basic technical data

Firing angles horizontal angle 360°
elevation angle 60°
depression angle
Traverse speed maximum > 20°/s
minimum < 0.1°/s
Elevation speed maximum > 6°/s
minimum < 0.07°/s
14.5 mm machine gun make KPVT
calibre 14.5 mm
number of cartridges 10 magazines, 50 in each
7.62 mm machine gun make PKT
calibre 7.62 mm
number of cartridges 8 magazines, 250 in each
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